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Réalisation du lycée Grandmont architectes Boille et Associés à Tours

Specialist generalists

Within a single practice, BOILLE & ASSOCIES draws on varying sensitivities and brings together common competences that are regularly enriched through bespoke training programmes.

The extensive body of work produced by the three architects reveals a background of generalist experience. Nonetheless, each of the three architects has his own area of excellence. Their differences are brought to the fore and combined; they rest on a multi-disciplinary team, and are the source of richness for all architectural proposals: housing, offices, renovation, public spaces, private spaces, etc. Their unity is always born out of multiples ideas and of know-how.

The team spirit is always a constructive one.

The BOILLE & ASSOCIES practice works out of a business centre in the heart of TOURS, right by the station and just 2 minutes from the A10 motorway.

Rigorous creative people

Although the creative process does not lend itself to explanation, one can understand that it would be optimised by a process of pooling thoughts on a subject. However, the constant exchange of ideas is not the only ingredient in the recipe for bringing forth a complete project.

BOILLE & ASSOCIES also cultivates responsiveness and flexibility; above all, it applies rigour, which takes the form of a formalised work method, a daily commitment, a genuine approach to quality, the whole given form by ISO 9001 certification (management system, quality-management system) and ISO 14001 certification (sustainable-development practices) in 2011.

Architects, designers, site managers, secretarial support: the whole team is involved in this approach.

centre de la petite enfance : projet architectural réalisé par Boille et Associés Boille et Associés
Réalisation du bâtiment de la banque EGG par le cabinet d'architectes Boille et Associés à Tours


BOILLE & ASSOCIES exercises its profession through a wide range of competences and through several stages.

Before anything else, the practice begins by analysing a situation and gathering a maximum amount of information, in order to gain a better understanding of and feel for a context and specific needs.

All the components must be combined in order to obtain a clear vision and be able to provide precise planning.

BOILLE & ASSOCIES also knows how to provide consultancy support in terms of the strategy to be followed as well as various financial investments, before going on to design the project that provides the best fit.

Supported management

BOILLE & ASSOCIES covers the whole range of architectural services, and more besides.

On the basis of the analysis and overview done by B&A, the practice goes on to carefully set out a schedule of work, leaving nothing to chance. In the field, B&A applies industry standards to arrive at the best possible outcome in terms of quality of project implementation, all the while maintaining open channels of communication in order to ensure the highest level of transparency and that information is disseminated to all the project stakeholders.

Finally, BOILLE & ASSOCIES goes further: it carries out a series of related missions, thus exercising its profession globally, possibly by means of architecture that can call upon the latest techniques as regards sustainable development.

Cabinet d'architectes à Tours : Boille et Associés

Registration with the Guild of Architects of the Centre Region:
Philippe Boille no. 025 442
Benoit Lavat no. 033 043
Jerome Suquet no. 033 077

Professional insurance:
Mutuelle des Architectes Français
7, rue Hamelin 75008 Paris
Contrat n°200121Y – Policy no. 81235